Stroudwater Textile Trust

COVID – 19

Following the Prime Minister’s announcements about the need for social distancing as part of the coronavirus response efforts, and in order to safeguard our visitors and volunteers, our mills will be closed temporarily.

As soon as the advice and circumstances allow us to reopen, we will do so.

We Manage the Dunkirk Mill Museum with its immense working water wheel and the Gigg Weaving Shed where you can try your hand at weaving, both in Nailsworth – see HERE for opening times.

• See historic machinery powered by an immense water wheel
• Discover one of the last remaining teazle raising gigs at work
• Find out about the world’s first lawn mower
• Watch weaving demonstrations and have ago! • See hand handlooms and a power loom
• Hear about Stroud scarlet and the Brtish army Redcoats •And how Stroud cloth still covers the world’s snooker tables
• Walk and see just a few of the hundred and more mills that were once hard at work in the area round Stroud


We are a charity run by volunteers. If you would like to support our work with a donation or to help in any way by volunteering we would love to hear from you.