Exhibition – Material Flow

The Material Flow exhibition was held in the main gallery of the Museum in the Park, Stroud. The exhibition was part of the Wool & Water Festival, a multi-site event and exhibitions programme taking place in Stroud. The Festival was organised by the Stroudwater Textile Trust in collaboration with the Cotswold Canals Trust, as an artistic and creative consideration of the Stroud Valleys’ historical association with the industry of wool production along its riverways and canals over several centuries.

Artists were asked to respond in their own way to one or more selected archival materials shown below relating to the historically produced cloth: water, landscape and colours, prize sheep, the scarlet cloth of the Redcoats, the colonial project and trade, and industrial histories. The exhibition looked for works of creative engagement with one or more selected artefacts responsive to the broader historical, cultural, textual or industrial background.

There are many factors that made this renowned woollen material possible and artists were invited to consider those wider issues in your response.